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Arabic Keyboard

September 1 2014

The internet is a very powerful source containing millions of tools that can help us not only find ways to earn money but enable us to communicate with people in different languages. Once commonly used tool is known as the Arabic keyboard and free to use and available to anyone worldwide. This tool is also very easy to use and there are no software requirements in order for you to use it.

How does the Arabic keyboard work?

All Arabic keyboards provide two character styles; Arabic and Latin. Latin characters are vital because they will be needed for urls as well as email addresses. Unlike English, the language that is written from left to right, Arabic’s language is written the opposite way (right to left). Therefore as you begin typing, using the Arabic keyboard, you will notice the letters appearing from the right side of the screen. How cool is that? If you have a smart phone, you will have the option to download your Arabic keyboard from Google play’s store or the Apple iTunes store. Yes, you will find most of them free will others you will be required to pay. Keep in mind if you do choose any of the free versions, you will have to deal with the ads that may pop up on occasion.

If you aren’t into using the internet version of the Arabic keyboard, then you will find most stores have the arabic keyboard available starting from $21.95. Having a physical keyboard is recommended especially if it’s required of you to submit any form of work in Arabic as websites may be down at times for upgrades and or maintenance. 

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