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Online Arabic Keyboards

May 31 2014


While all keyboards will retain the basic Latin character layout, keyboards used for foreign languages will also include a second set of characters, or letters, native to that language. The keys on a standard Arabic keyboard, for example, will include both the Latin keyboard layout and the keyboard layout used for the Arabic Language.

Generally speaking, there are three standard Arabic keyboard layouts. The first is the Sakhr/MSX Arabic keyboard, the second is the IBM PC Arabic Keyboard, and the third is the Mac Arabic Keyboard. Although all three types of Arabic keyboard layouts can commonly be found, there is very little variations between them – keeping the vast majority of Arabic letters in the same position on the keyboard. One slightly more variant keyboard layout is the Arabic keyboard Intellark, which is designed to transfer knowledge of the Latin keyboard layout by using a series of phonetic associations to make the use of the Arabic keyboard layout easier. This is done by putting letters with the same phonetic sound from both the Latin characters and the Arabic characters on the same keys. The Arabic Keyboard intellark, as well as all keyboard layouts are designed to make typing in Arabic easier and quicker.

For those who do not have a physical Arabic keyboard, however, there are online, on screen, Arabic keyboards that allow you to create and use text in Arabic on your computer. Using the standard IBM PC Arabic keyboard layout, the online application "Arabic Keyboard" found at www.arabic-keyboard.org allows users to create Arabic text, (with the assistance of auto-correct), save texts, print them, copy and paste them, translate the text from Arabic to a number of other languages, and includes a transliteration tool. One other frequently used online Arabic Keyboard site is www.clavier-arab.org/arabic-keyboard/. This online Arabic keyboard application also includes an auto-correct and transliteration option, as well as the basic ability to create Arabic texts, save, print, copy and paste them. The only difference being that this application does not utilize any of the standard Arabic Keyboard layouts, but a list of the Arabic alphabet from left to write. While a number of similar clavier arabe en ligne exist, these two remain the most popular and user friendly. 

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